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Here are a few helpful storage and moving tips

Books  – Pack books flat to protect their spines. Do not place boxes directly on the floor. Books are heavy in large quantities, so pack them in smaller cartons for easier handling.

Dishes – The safest way to protect your dishes and glassware is by packing them in specially designed dish packs.

Sofas – If sofas and couches do not have large, rounded arms they may be stored on end and use less floor space.

Appliances – When storing appliances make sure they have plastic under them. They may rust if stored incorrectly. Wedge appliance doors open. Always clean your stove before storing. After placing items in your unit, do not cover them with plastic. To protect items from dust and dirt use a breathable cover, such as an old sheet or blanket. Things put under plastic will hold moisture and promote mildew and rust. Wipe the surface of bicycles, tools and other metal items with a slightly oily rag to prevent rusting. Have blankets, draperies and clothing cleaned, then pack them on hangers in wardrobe boxes. 

Clothes – Wardrobe boxes allow you to store more in less space.

Glassware – Wrap breakable items inside bubble wrap and store with linens.

Tips for Business and Commercial storage:

Organize – Being very specific when labeling your boxes will greatly reduce stress and frustration when you need to locate items. Label boxes of files with specific file names and dates. Arrange the boxes so that the labels are all facing outward. This makes locating specific items or files much easier. If files are not in cabinets, store the boxes on shelves or rolling carts for easier access.

Office Furniture – Dismantled office furniture allows for more space in the storage unit.

If it's worth storing, it's worth protecting. Are your goods insured? Self storage insurance is available at reasonable rates. Call us at 303.341.0122 for more information.